Thursday, February 6, 2020

Bernie Sanders Campaign addresses Iowa Caucus results (He totally won)

Well the Jaboofers at the Iowa Democratic Party are trying their best to say that Bernie Sanders did not win, but Senator Sanders' campaign has the receipts.

The campaign has highlighted how many satellite caucuses have yet to be counted. These are more diverse areas, so it is super shocking to see minority votes be suppressed. "Let's think of this as a really big really expensive focus group," said a motivated Chuck Rocha, senior adviser to Senator Sanders. The campaign has thanked all of their supporters profusely for their efforts in Iowa, while also shining a spotlight on how horrible of a job the Iowa Democratic Party has done in executing a fair and honest election.

Senator Sanders also held a press conference where he intelligently broke down the situation.

He will win the election, despite the establishment trying to stop us. Senator Sanders raised over $25 million in January of 2020. Please considering donating your time, money, or social media reach to the Bernie Sanders campaign. This is our last chance to save the United States of America. Wake up and fight!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Bernie Sanders Interview with Hasan Minhaj

Hey folks,

This blog is back and we are endorsing Bernie Sanders. We will be highlighting Bernie content here.

Senator Sanders sat down with Patriot Act host Hasan Minhaj. It is a solid interview that highlights what makes Bernie the candidate for the people.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quantitative Easing Explained

This is an interesting take on the Federal Reserve's
Quantitative Easing Program:

Here is Admiral Akbar's take:

We are boned,


Friday, November 12, 2010

Jon Stewart Makes Nice with Rachel Maddow

An intelligent conversation on the state of the mainstream media.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Phil Davison, GOP Candidate, Delivers Stark County Treasurer Speech 9/8/2010

This guy needs to be given control. He is nice and calm...

Change we can believe in,


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apple Inc. Buys AOT Family of Websites


We have received and accepted an offer from Apple Inc. to sell our family of websites:

for $15 billion.

Sorry, Google. Your offer was too cheap. This obviously means that we are going to pass the torch to Steve Jobs and buy a money bin to swim around in. Good luck, buddy. If you were a fan of us, too bad. You didn't buy enough T-shirts. This deal values each of our blogs at $3 billion. AOTV was the main sticking point in our past discussions with Google, but Apple was very impressed by AOTV 4 - United Banks of America. We would like to thank our fans for making us filthy rich, but now you guys can suck it... SIDEWAYS!



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bud Day endorses Charlie Crist

Not everyone in Northwest Florida plans to vote for Marco Rubio, a U.S. Senate candidate who has become the darling of conservative Republicans across the state.

Col. Bud Day, Fort Walton Beach attorney and Medal of Honor winner, has publicly endorsed Gov. Charlie Crist as his pick to occupy the Senate seat.

“I think he’s been a really good governor and shows all the possibility of being the same kind of good senator,” Day said.

The endorsement, issued Monday, comes as Rubio surges far ahead of Crist in most public opinion polls.

The two Republican candidates face off in an Aug. 24 primary for the Senate seat vacated by Mel Martinez.

The winner would likely face Democratic U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek in November for the right to succeed Martinez in Washington.

Rubio has successfully portrayed Crist as a willing partner with President Barack Obama in spending billions in taxpayer dollars through the federal stimulus package.

Day, however, said he questions Rubio’s “financial dealings” and views him as something of an Obama clone.

“You know, we just got through (electing) a politician who can run his mouth at Mach 1, a black one, and now we have a Hispanic who can run his mouth at Mach 1,” Day said. “You look at their track records and they’re both pretty gritty. Charlie has not got a gritty track record.”

Day confirmed he was speaking of Obama and Rubio.

“You’ve got the black one with the reading thing. He can go as fast as the speed of light and has no idea what he’s saying,” Day said. “I put Rubio in that same category, except I don’t know if he’s using one of those readers.”

Day said he questions Rubio’s spending when the former state House speaker was carrying a Republican Party of Florida credit card. He said the credit card use, widely reported in South Florida, has been ignored in this region.

“His financial dealings are a major issue with me,” Day said.

Rubio is popular in Northwest Florida, where Crist is widely viewed among conservatives as too moderate.

Day was also a strong supporter of presidential candidate John McCain, with whom he spent years in captivity in Vietnam at the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison camp.

Since his run for the presidency in 2008, McCain, like Crist, has fallen out of favor with conservative Republicans.

Asked if he thought his endorsement of Crist might be criticized, Day said, “I have no idea; it probably will.”

In a news release Monday, Crist welcomed the Day endorsement.

“I am more than honored to have the endorsement of Colonel Bud Day,” Crist said in the release. “Colonel Day is a true American hero who has served our country well, and I could not be more grateful for his support.”


Wow, "The Black One" and "one of those readers." Can you believe that Charlie Crist accepted this endorsement? If you can, you might be a redneck.