Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manning Speaks Out About "Mack Daddy" Obama

It begins...

Source: la-gun.com

This guy reminds me of Uncle Ruckus...

This country is undergoing a real racial conflict. Calm yourself, angry white people. You don't want to get hypertension and then have no health insurance to cover your drugs... I do not what to stereotype an entire race and I am not defending a policy, but I do believe that every human deserves a level of respect that certain white people are having trouble giving our President. You are losing the majority, get used to it. The only way you can stop the growth of the minority population is to out reproduce us. Mr. Manning is troubling because this shows that the problem is not just race. There is a class battle occurring at the same time.

Town Hall being disrupted buy some older, misinformed white folk.

Giant Donut in the Sky Help Us,


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